Olly Murs | Army of Two (Live)

Well if you remember this guy Olly Murs, from his triple music videos, My Heart Skips a Beat, and his Troublemaker collaboration with Flo Rida, this UK hot sensation, which imitated Louis Tomlinson's (from One Direction), sense of style, you might aswell know that we have him on the zone, apparently he just released his Live Cover, of his new single or music video perhaps of an Army of Two, ...

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Little Mix – Change Your Life

Well it's been a week since it's lyric video came out, was excited about the video, and It was a major blast perhaps, their appearance on their live tour, became more than exciting, it's worth watching, and if you had them since the beginning you'll be thrilled, as a matter of fact, they had just released it's music video for change your life, here it is. [youtube url=http://www....

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