Olly Murs | Army of Two

Olly Murs, had just released his music video for the Army of Two which includes him in a sort of patrol style copy of himself, gathering one whole army for a reason, that we couldn't know until we've watched his video, apparently the Louis style went out, but i'm glad he appeared in his own sense of style, that's why we collaborate fashion in our website though, I surely hope ...

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Pawn of The Phrophecy

The book was just amazing to me, I had fun reading it.. the always angry Aunt Pol i liked her attitude in the story reminds me of those girls who I been friends with, and i'm pretty comfortable talking to those girls, Mister Wolf her father is another one I liked, his role was awesome, and a storyteller, at faldor's farm which the story first started even though not much ...

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