Not Another Boyband Cover | Kurt Hugo Schneider

On our all new thursday, we have a brand new music video produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider, as always Sam Tsui is here, as a college buddy pal, but tell me what?, a suprise indeed, Chester See (the cat), is also here, and he's with Tyler Ward, how awesome is that, i'm looking forward to see them more as a group, it really is amazing to hear the falsetto's, apparently ...

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Tyler Ward covers I Would

Tyler's back for more stuff, unfortunately Lindsay Sterling is not on this video, but this time he covers up Justin Bieber's - I Would with a relaxing piano touch and a solo vocal cover, it's kinda sexy and funny at the same time, well indeed Tyler has been a bit spontaneous all of the sudden, but let's just hope he'll be doing more covers: [youtube url=

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Hot This Week: 2/03/13

Yeah I know it's a little too late, but we're bringing you some of the hottest music videos and behind the scenes footage of your favorite, bands and artists, including a little bit of a video diary if that's the case, so let's get started with; It's the Wanted, with their latest version of I Found You (Fan Version), their playing for their fans, when it ended, they had been ...

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Hot This Week 1/27/13

Looks like the fire between Tyler and Lindsay is starting to burst, meanwhile with Chester See, or the cat I must say, still on their second collaboration video, with both Tyler Ward and Lindsay Sterling, in this new music video Daylight by Maroon 5, they did a pretty awesome cover though;

Meanwhile, Cimorelli goes out a day on a beach, covering up ...

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