Baby You’re a Firework | Hall of Jam #1

It's Rae once again, but isn't she lovely, as we said, we our doing this monthly, and she won't be the lucky one who'll get her twitter plug and facebook account to, she was concluded to be the first person to have been elected, in our Hall of Jam, we'll know more about her upcoming reply next week, so keep your eyes on our trending topic. #HallofJam..

Twitter Claims First New Hoax Victim…

- Megan Fox, is considered twitter's new victim on hoax attacks, for questioning she isn't really dead, people just made her trend today after 48 hours as it is, twitter claimed it's first victim, who would be the next one? let's wait more further though,

Amalayer (I’m a Lier)

    The video, originally posted by Facebook user Gregory Paulo Llamoso, showed Amalayer making a scene at the LRT station allegedly after the guard called her attention for using the wrong entrance. Salvosa was caught saying, "So you're telling me I'm a liar? I'm a liar? I'm a liar? Answer me! I am the person who have been educated well. and you did that thing to me!. I'm just ...

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