Not Another Boyband Cover | Kurt Hugo Schneider

On our all new thursday, we have a brand new music video produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider, as always Sam Tsui is here, as a college buddy pal, but tell me what?, a suprise indeed, Chester See (the cat), is also here, and he's with Tyler Ward, how awesome is that, i'm looking forward to see them more as a group, it really is amazing to hear the falsetto's, apparently ...

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Hot This Week: 2/03/13

Yeah I know it's a little too late, but we're bringing you some of the hottest music videos and behind the scenes footage of your favorite, bands and artists, including a little bit of a video diary if that's the case, so let's get started with; It's the Wanted, with their latest version of I Found You (Fan Version), their playing for their fans, when it ended, they had been ...

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Hot This Week: 1/13/13

We're now introducing Hot This Week, our weekly round up of the most amazing music videos of the week, starting this January 13, we feature three newest videos, starting with

Sam Tsui teams up with Kurt Hugo Schneider they've been working on his day view album, Kurt announces his second channel too, Sam Tsui sings Don't You Worry Child by Swedish ...

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Cover Highlights: Sam Tsui covers I Knew You Were Trouble

- Well Known, Cover Artist Sam Tsui covers I knew you were trouble by Taylow Swift, with his bestfriend since highschool, Kurt Hugo Schneider As of February 2012, the YouTube channel "KurtHugoSchneider" has garnered over 470 million total views and a million subscribers.. he was featured on Britney Spears' official website, along with his cover of Hold It Against Me. now he's doing covers of christmas medley, but before that he did a ...

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