The Last Repeating Day

For those who like to get a bit nerdy with their numbers, today Wednesday is 12/12/12, the last of the great repeating dates to occur in our lifetimes, -- that is if you're planning to live until 1/1/2101?. It doesn't seem to be quite as big a deal as 11/11/11 was. (that Milestone that was featured It's On on Nerd's New Year and Veteran's Day and making 11:11 am on that Nov.11.2011 even more ...

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Marquez vindicated, after Pacquiao falls

LAS VEGAS, Dec 8  - It was a vindication. After being knocked out in the third round, Manny Pacquiao loses to Juan Manuel Marquez, indeed Marquez proved what it takes to beat Manny Pacquiao, knocking out the Filipino icon with just one second left in the sixth round brought the nation to a complete shock. indeed Pacquiao walked straight into the right hand, which completely knock him out coldly, Fans and ...

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