Not Another Boyband Cover | Kurt Hugo Schneider

On our all new thursday, we have a brand new music video produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider, as always Sam Tsui is here, as a college buddy pal, but tell me what?, a suprise indeed, Chester See (the cat), is also here, and he's with Tyler Ward, how awesome is that, i'm looking forward to see them more as a group, it really is amazing to hear the falsetto's, apparently ...

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Hot This Week: 2/10/13

Well it might be a dull version, well it's not the best or worst of our hot this week, but we don't miss out our days just not you to have not listen on our weekly picks: Here is Jason Chen with his new cover of the Little Things, by One Direction, it is quite peaceful listening to his music, in an odd way the background is slightly boring perhaps, ...

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