Lawson plays Acoustic | Learn to Love Again

Well Lawson is at it again, making an acoustic live cover of their song Learn to Love Again was truly an amazing view to watch also their Chapman tour is available to for you to buy tickets, well Ryan's deep lovely voice sang out heavenly, as their fans went wild on their acoustic live music video, here it is, Learn to Love Again: [youtube url=

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Exclusive Teaser: One Direction – Kiss You

One Direction had release it's release date about this awesome kiss you video, it's obviously, summer themed, so, many fans are waiting for the boys to have some fun, well, we're gonna see the video in 5 days though, i'll leave you guys with a teaser..    

A Merry Christmas – One Direction

One direction, this christmas suprised their fans with a very special christmas greeting, oh well, that golden ticket was actually not wasted though, uhmm, summing it up, their kiss you realease is nearly further than expected, january 7th is a long date, and i'll be here blogging around stuff so much, like i'd rather anticipated, here go watch the video below