Only If You Can See Me Now | The Script

Very well, the hall of fame was a blast music video favorite of the teens today, and the six degrees of separation had a differ meaning, which comes to us that we should had given you a brand new music video entree, it's Only If You Could See Me Now by The Script, featuring their concert tour, and a little bit behind a storyline that persists, as you continue moving ...

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Baby You’re a Firework | Hall of Jam #1

It's Rae once again, but isn't she lovely, as we said, we our doing this monthly, and she won't be the lucky one who'll get her twitter plug and facebook account to, she was concluded to be the first person to have been elected, in our Hall of Jam, we'll know more about her upcoming reply next week, so keep your eyes on our trending topic. #HallofJam..