Take a Peek inside a Modernified Villa

Today, you have a guaranteed a initimate peek inside a family home, of a Swedish Interior Designer, Marie Olsson Nylander, The shabby 1970′s villa humbly sits in the beautiful town of Arlid Sweden, where it hasn’t see any love for 30 years, until now, When Nylander and her husband Bill first laid their eyes on the unkempt villa they weren’t convinced it was going to be theirs, yet they couldn’t get the home out of their heads, The Nylander’s returnted three times to view the villa, which caused them slowly to catch more feelings in this inspiring home, later yet to purchase came shortly after

The was yet under a big highly over whelmed maintenance rundown, yet a very charming with a gresy, old kitchen, cracked blue shutters, and a thatched roof, Nylander immediately went to work tearing out the old parquet flooring, opening up the ceiling, renovating the bathrooms to a higher more elegant way, and knocking out a wall to build a porch

Bill and Marie strongly agree on one fundamental decorating issue; they love cracked and worn out objects that tell a story. Their home is a strong indication that the two live in harmony.



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