Read if You Dare

Disclaimer: The Zone Project “Rise” is another program, which aims to probably show the unnatural talents, pages and sorts of stuff that will surely make. Believe.

Meet our latest “Rise” artist, Read if You Dare.

A girl whose name she is hiding, started her very own page “Read if You Dare” about 3 eons ago, and has grown in more favor since then.  Evil doll (the name she would like to be called) started out, as journalist and a rookie videographer before supervising out this very own long-term project. Which features a lot of urban legends, and paranormal stories, it is exceptionally for people who love to scare the jeepers out of their mind each night. Which guarantees to creep you out, and that’s why it’s very really addictive

-.- next week: Aina gets a small interview from our crew,.

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  • Aina Yanzon Tolero

    I can’t believe it’s here already :)

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