Dynastic Walk for Fame – AsNTM

Sofia and Kate are eager to break Jessica’s best photo record. Sofia expects Aastha to stay instead of Stephanie. Aastha leaves a letter for the girls and she leaves a little bit naughty message for Kate. She tells that Kate sometimes annoys people with her behaviour and Kate asks Sofia about that. Shockingly, Sofia says yes and it makes Kate feels sad.

Sofia and Kate, are both eager to break Jessica’s best photo record, although Sofia expects Aastha to stay instead of Stephanie, she too leaves a letter for the girls, saying what it all means.

Yeah, so much for the much awaited, return, a country crossover brings the Girls to Hong Kong, the fashion capital of Asia, the challenge pursues the effort of the girls for casting, let’s see how many did they absoulutely twisted.

Jessica – 3
Stephanie – 2
Kate – 1
Sofia – 0
Jessica is the winner of the challenge with three booked jobs. She gets a two night stay in Hotel Mira. Kate and Stephanie book two jobs, while Sofia books none. It is kinda weird to see Sofia book none because I think she is the most modelesque girl in the bunch.

The theme for the photoshoot is 1920 inspired modern Chinese screen goddesses. They will wear dress from Shanghai Tang. The photographer is Hakan Celebi who is the photographer for their Chinese Zodiac.

 Jessica blows Daniel away with her photoshoot. She lives in her own world and she is not distracted with people in the streets, even though the street is quite crowded.

Stephanie looks nervous and stiff, even though there is almost no people in her location. She books her spot for bottom two again.

Kate should not use her left hand because her hand starts to be crazy. So, she decides to hold a pole and works it ! The photographer feels improvement from Kate.

Sofia needs to work with the dress. The photographer does not satisfy with the bending of her body.

Another predicted bottom two. Seriously, I do not know what’s in the judges mind if she spares Stephanie once again in her four bottom two appearance in a row. It make sense quite a bit since Sofia books none in the go-sees. If she stays and wins, it is just … I am totally speechless. You know how I do not expect that.
1. Stephanie
2. Sofia
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