ANTM – Passion for Fashion

This week, it is all against the odd’s, Helena leaves a letter for Stephanie to read, it was outrageous, she called her a friend, in fact she rooted for her, and Aastha, but it doesn’t stop there, apparently they had a Subaru XV challenge which will be featured here later.. but perhaps for now, we have to talk about the photoshoot;

Jessica is a force to be reckon with, she wasn’t curious about the way she looked but as a matter of fact, she was the only one to contribute passion into fashion, that’s what the judges sought about her, in her silence comes a way to be more chaotic.

the sexy and wild Kate, made it second this week, but perhaps, it didn’t seemed enough to make her fit into first, although that was a great shot, but I think it wasn’t lucky either, it’s just Kate, and as much as I like her, it seems to me she’s giving it everything to get into the top as a underdog.

Sophia from second to third, now up-comes a small similarly battle, it was sexy and spontaneous, although it wasn’t good enough for me, she should had done better, but it was enough to save her, the photo fits her perfectly, remarkable!

That corky little woman Stephanie managed to save herself once again, with an utmost standing difference between the differences it was like both had the genuine mercy to give a surprise, indeed yet it was good looking,

Aastha wasn’t confident as we thought she would be, as Helena did root for her, it wasn’t about that, she removed her wig, and although gave utterly best, that was not a problem, she showed a great significance of a challenge, it showed no passion, but excitement, and so she was sent home

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Retro Wednesday – Game Changers