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Read if You Dare

Disclaimer: The Zone Project "Rise" is another program, which aims to probably show the unnatural talents, pages and sorts of stuff that will surely make. Believe. Meet our latest "Rise" artist, Read if You Dare. A girl whose name she …

interview, rise
This Is War
Tyranny | This is War

Although we had reviewed you the six factions to be joining up the battle for the obelisk, now it's up to you to choose what faction would you like, my top choices were The Red Erism, Seekers and The Sway, …

Oxo Tower

 We 're here to present you today's item, the Oxo Tower Wharf, London, as you see this iconic landmark, had made it's meaning centuries ago, and well rebranding is one of our descent touches,  apparently thanks to one blogger, anonymously …

Jeannette et les Cycleux

So exciting for a new upgrade besides the new cover layout of our zone, we have today a French Cafe that is themed a Classic Motorcycle Runway, hand-assembled, manual-esque menus that are combined with a sense of brute mechanism with 1950…

branding, Packaging
Dynastic Walk for Fame – AsNTM

Sofia and Kate are eager to break Jessica's best photo record. Sofia expects Aastha to stay instead of Stephanie. Aastha leaves a letter for the girls and she leaves a little bit naughty message for Kate. She tells that Kate …

Handsome 3
Handsome Coffee Roasters

Today we have some nice brewing coffee, from our friends from PTARMAK DESIGN, enjoy the relaxitivity of both brand identity and packaging of today's daily inspiration, let's give a hand for the concept; “Handsome needed a robust label system and …

Identity, Packaging
Retro Wednesday’s | Fuel Up

So you thought this traditional coffee shop in Brighton, MA, was a fuel stop or a diner bar, you were wrong. Indeed this absolute hideaway gives the people of Massachusetts, fuel for daily living as if, coffee is their main …

branding, Food
The Fat Falfal Food Truck

As you see Food Trucks rock the house on The Zone: Owners of the old knacker delivery van where suprised amongst' transformation, Gavin Cady & Chef Theresa Galli, according to Strawberry Millitia, they spent filming every minute, and squeezed a …

film, Food
Coffee Supreme | Hardhat Design

We think these designs are pretty darn good, so that's why feature it on the zone project: Take-out Coffee Cups, that was part of the Coffee Supreme rebranding project, a total of 16 cups each with a different unique typography or …

branding, Packaging
Ciento 2
Restaurante Ciento Once | Blaster

Ciento Once is a one stop food kart, which compromises of selling hot dogs, fries, and other carnival food, somewhere located in Sao Paolo Brazil, this good looking restaurant is just scattered over the country with it's glazing touch of …

branding, Food
SH House | Baksvan Wengerden

This Amsterdam based house is a constant upgrade of a reminiscent existing of an home between Haarlem and the north sea coast in Bentveld, Baksvan Wengerden are the architect's who designed this project; It is amazing sticking to a minimal …

architecture, interior design
The Space Program

Hey it's RoboMunchkin once again, for this Saturday it might even approach to suprise you with our negligience to meet your satisfaction, today we're making it up to you, as we're about to seek a three part museo, just for …

interior design
Dessert Company

An exciting peradventure, with our all new thursday, we feature one of a classy restaurants, I mean't dessert shops. Dessert Company, located in Rukan Crown Golf Blok B/3, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, Indonesia. sells the best tasting desserts. from their …

branding, Food
Retro Wednesday – Laundromatics

This fundamental laundromat located in Belgium named  Wasbar Ghent, is meeting place where people can enjoy a drink with friends, and also a barber shop too apparently it's widely known as a coffee shop. would you think about that? it …

interior design

A contemporary jewellery house located in San Antonio, TX. brings exciting glamour to interior design, is derived from a group of minerals that are characterized by their malleability, makes them as ideal as possible for various uses and it is …

fashion, interior design
Villa De Patos

What an exciting looking grocery in Mexico, started in the 80's Villa de Patos, a very well inconvenient store, provides healthy and natural fine products, including juices, cheeses, and Mexican candies, are made through traditional planting techniques using free gazing, …

branding, Food
Minsk | Belarus “Loft”

It may rather look like a gorgeous steampunk revival of a modern classy home, for me, This intimidating and glorious loft is located in Minsk, also called the ("Minsk - Belarus Loft") project. details of the house was not purely …

interior design
Mistral Winery Bar

A spectatucalar winery, bar that looks absolutely gorgeous to my eyes, is our today's feature, in Sao Paulo, Arthus Casas, designed Mistral Wine Bar, which concludes a little bit of an extravagance and collasal-ness in it, features tons of fabricated …

branding, Food
Retro Wednesday – Game Changers

During 2012, BVD tell us about the colorful and abstract identityof Formex Fair that designed at the end of last year, was held somewhere in Sweden, it composes of a meeting point and a small eatery, more detail on their website …

ANTM – Passion for Fashion

This week, it is all against the odd's, Helena leaves a letter for Stephanie to read, it was outrageous, she called her a friend, in fact she rooted for her, and Aastha, but it doesn't stop there, apparently they had …


today we've got mode: lina designers, it is amazing for their talentive bordeaux creations made it very cheap and such a hostile but very elegant creation we have here, so let's have a view on what they had created on …

branding, interior design
Cine 32 | Encore Hereux

This timber styled five-screen cinema complex, was a former military camp,in the small town of Auch, in southern France, designed by the architects of Encore Hereux, the invoke exterior of both arched facades of art deco homes and herringbone …

architecture, film, interior design
Shoffice | Platform 5 Architects

Shoffice (shed + office), a garden pavillion containing a small office alongside a grden storage space, created by Platform 5 Architects, is located to the rear of a 1950's terraced house in St John's Wood, "the glazed office space nestles into a …

architecture, Eco
The Surreal World | Joel Robinson

Joel Robison, a canadian photographer, has created a lost in world of a whimsical fairytale in each of his sureal photos, he created it with a beautiful sense of style to curl up with a cup of tea, and get …

7-Eleven’s New Coffee Concept

7-Eleven decided to update their coffee concept and emphasize a smart and convenient brand experience, including modern and clear branding, we today feature it because it's a natural to bring you some of the most promising latest news, we became …

Food, Graphic Design
Red’s Porch

it's family pay day, if your going out right now, here's a best place to have dinner Red's Porch located in Austin, Texas. it is a sports bar, specializing in "cheap beer, burgers and other Southern and Tex-Mex eats; service …

Food, interior design
Charles Smith Tasting Room

Olson Kundig Architects, got hired to transform this historic building into a multi-purpose wine tasting and entertainment venue, to match Charles Smith's rock and roll vitner style, he secured an old automotive garage in Walla Walla, Washington for his new …

Food, interior design
Van Bureen House

The home was turned into a museum in 1975 after Alice's death Somewhere, over Belgium, Van Bureen House in Brussels, Purchased in 1928, a "living academy" of rare art deco furnitures, carpets, stained-glass windows, sculptures and masterpieces, and the house itself, the …

architecture, art, interior design
Luxury & Demands Loft, – Naja Munthe

Naja Munthe, designed one of the luxurious apartment in Frederiksberg, Denmark, her home is filled with small figures, big eye catchers and very small details, yet marked by peace and balanced, it's a complete sense of free style, and high …

interior design
Sweez – Sweet & Freezing

Sweez: Sweet & Freezing is a delight shop located somewhere in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil, The stunning identitiy branding was designed by Maurício Cardoso a designer and illustrator based in Caxias Do Sul, Brazil. Hope you'll like this …

Food, interior design
El Montero

El Montero, is a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahuila, a city very close to the Mexican northern border. it's kitchen represents the restaurant's surronding's as it is located on one of Mexico's deserts, El Montero's menu is inspired on regional …

Food, interior design
Chicken Point Cabin

Chicken Point Cabin, located on the edge of Lake Hayden in northern Idaho, is comprised of three basic forms, a concrete shell, a steel fireplace from Alaskan oil pipeline, and a plywood insert, It is hard-edged and a little defiant, …

architecture, interior design
Provo Bakery

Provo Bakery from Utah has the baked goods around, specializing in bread, rolls, muffins, pastries and doughnuts, staple and uses local ingredients. Now serving coffee.    

Food, Graphic Design
Sita Murt Pop-Up Store

A great idea for a temporary fashion, store.. Stefania Tomasello interior designer, had a project, called Sita Murt Pop-Up Store, it's a temporary Barcelona themed fashion store created in a dynamic environment, with all the amazing fluorescent pink typography, which …

fashion, Graphic Design, interior design
Take a Peek inside a Modernified Villa

Today, you have a guaranteed a initimate peek inside a family home, of a Swedish Interior Designer, Marie Olsson Nylander, The shabby 1970's villa humbly sits in the beautiful town of Arlid Sweden, where it hasn't see any love for 30 …

interior design
When Monsters Gets Headaches

When Monster gets a Headaches, this what happens, they seem to be normal people, but they aren't, when they get headaches, see for the examples  below later, it's an amazing illustration I must say, it was made by Marlos Lima …

Graphic Design
The Awesome Hollow Chair

What an amazing thing, it's a multipurpose chair, definitely good for designers, it's called the hallow chair, designed by Judson Beaumont from Straight Line Designs Incorporated, was made from an astonishing 618 individual cut pieces of Baltic Birch plywood, well it's …

interior design
Nothing Left Unsaid

Nothing Left Unsaid --- is a film made by Kurt Hugo Schneider, with 2 people who have feelings to each other, in the end of the film the boy tells the girls she loves her, and it all ends, by the …

Within the Eyes of a Child

Children often see things Adults don't see, they see unamiganable things, such as the In Between, Trolls and many stuff, that are on fairytale book's today's artist Pierrette Diaz, shows us his artworks to enlighten our mind, about what i'm …

Graphic Design