Stubborn Love | James Alan

This is just sick, intimadately, James Alan the one who covered the mash up from Call Me Maybe and Payphone is back, with some good old country music, well that's our genre for today, it rocks though, that crazy old vocals, with a sense of humanity in it, can be described in one word, Amazing! and yeah,

Note: Here's some ...

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Light E’m Up | Fall Out Boy

Well, Fall Out Boy is back with a comeback, their newest single My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark "Light Em Up" it's for their album "Save Rock And Roll", has know it's new music video, well did you miss them?, they created also Thanks for the Memories and Americas Suite Hearts, they are one of a hell rock bands during 2004, and the first ever rock band i've ...

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Baby You’re a Firework | Hall of Jam #1

It's Rae once again, but isn't she lovely, as we said, we our doing this monthly, and she won't be the lucky one who'll get her twitter plug and facebook account to, she was concluded to be the first person to have been elected, in our Hall of Jam, we'll know more about her upcoming reply next week, so keep your eyes on our trending topic. #HallofJam..

Introducing Featured Users

Hey it's robomunchkin giving you an update on what's new, for now, we have this new exciting campaign, the featured users, it compromises of four major legal conditions, to share the page, to share info to the page, to often like our  posts, and comment on our posts. that it is, to make it more interesting the deliberately deceptions of  the winner will guarantee it's fulfilment in honor of their ...

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