A Merry Christmas – One Direction

One direction, this christmas suprised their fans with a very special christmas greeting, oh well, that golden ticket was actually not wasted though, uhmm, summing it up, their kiss you realease is nearly further than expected, january 7th is a long date, and i'll be here blogging around stuff so much, like i'd rather anticipated, here go watch the video below

Something about December

It's day three of a twisted christmas, and we now feature Christina Perri for day three, remember her, singing for twilight saga breaking dawn , during the day edward and bella were about to get married, and the other part 2, is when bella makes edward remember those awesome moments they had from the start, and did you even know that the song became a part of the soundtrack of switched at ...

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Karmin – Sleigh Ride

Yeah well it's pretty obvious right now, we blowed up one of our twisted countdown suprises with this pretty hot duo karmin, having their newest single Sleigh Ride,after with those hits Crash Your Party, Brokenhearted, I Told You So and Hello, although they haven't released their official album yet, but i'm dying and waiting for it, and their Sleigh Ride video was released just yesterday along with the new ...

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For You: Cameron Mitchell + aprilemade

Glee project season 1, 6th placer, Cameron Mitchell copes up with aprilemade for an album entitled for you, meanwhile this video where christmas is found is their music video together, they're on a park singing a duet together and much much more just see the video