Jason Chen ft. ChaChi “Thank You”

The Rubik's Cube is a Puzzle that uses Logic, in this music video Jason Chen uses it's power to control the humanative emotions of our feelings, with deep regards to ChaChi Gonzales, the one that is featured on the music video, the power of art signifies that images of cubism to translate one's gratitude for a person, makes a portrait of self clarification, in his ideal love for her, in ...

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Exclusive Teaser: One Direction – Kiss You

One Direction had release it's release date about this awesome kiss you video, it's obviously, summer themed, so, many fans are waiting for the boys to have some fun, well, we're gonna see the video in 5 days though, i'll leave you guys with a teaser..    

One Direction – Kiss You Teaser

One Direction announced 2 days ago, that they'll be having their kiss you music video, in January 7th, that is when we're gonna not fear about tomorrow, which is the end of the world assumingly, not to be added with negative vibes here, so yesterday they launched their kiss you music video along with the final, take me to 1d episode, that was one amazing sequel to watch though, it includes ...

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Take Me Home: Now Released

Take Me Home is out worldwide, i thought that you would love to see coming back on the countdown and [here's a small review on the one big countdown