Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love” UK Version

Exquisite, Glamorous... is it Country Dracherkula's Castle?, apparently in this music video version of With Ur Love, we find ourselves lost in a tragic but extraordinary castle where all people fell in love, drinking wine, and feasting til their deaths, so much for melodramtic accent... with one glimpse of an eye, they can maneuver their boys to party for a deep masquerade ball, where demons lurk from behind with such ...

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Hot This Week: 2/17/13

We'll we've been late, and we know we are, but here's the hottest music videos this week on the zone project. Marina in the Diamonds are back with part 8 of their album "Electra Heart", which we previously heard her how to be a heartbreaker, which kinda sounds porn, but it's actually a differ meaning about it, today we see her release a new exciting 2 minute music video about her valentines ...

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