Tyranny | The Order of the Red Erism

An earthquake has slackened over Neopia, diggers had dug out the best of what they came out to be a mysterious obelisk, no one knows it's exact power, but it is relequent that neopets had released the factions about the upcoming Tyrannia plot, isn't that deceiving for Mystery Island since the won last year's Altador Cup, very well as it is inscribed according to the video: Oh Please, So I ...

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The Zone Exclusive | Escape from Planet Earth

Rainmaker Entertainment, the ones who made barbie and Stuart Little films is here on an exciting new adventure, but this time it's with Aliens, their very first film is about to become fulfilled this February 14, or commonly known as Valentine's Day, it turns out that Aliens might not had invaded earth but the got stuck in this familiar land of ours, in an exciting new adventure, trying to escape or ...

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