Carly Rae Jepsen – Tonight I’m Getting Over You

just before february ends, let's have a little carly rae jepsen to us, last time her this kiss video rock the whole house down, what should we expect in her tonight i'm getting over you video, is this a sequel or a prequel, we'll never know til we watch it though


One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) – 1D

from korea to south africa, our favorite boyfriend is back for a comic relief, a british donation charity, that excites their newest single one way or another, instead of spending money for another music video, they've decided to donate it to their own charity, and it's thus their asian tour finally went through some hell lot of fun, without visiting philippines though, well funny it sounds, i may happen to ...

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Tyranny | Awakened

We're starting to wonder, is these factions really necessary, or it is what we think it is, comic chapters, we're also wondering if these zombies are also one of them, it's kind of confusing how many factions are there, but these one may suck your brains out, if you do have one, no offense, it looks like your having a party, and you didn't invite us, ooh scary!, twin zombie ...

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Tyranny | Seekers

Quiet everyone, i'm sure you are wondering why I have interrupted your studies, Knowledge is not just found in libraries, laboratories and epistolary conspiracies, we forget that sometimes? an ancient obelisk has unearthed my friends. we weren't the first to find this.. It sounds like the Hiearchs did.. Insidous honors, brutes had already beaten us sadly. but we must first colleague in it's enigmatic depths. perhaps others expect gold or ...

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