Carly Rae Jepsen – Tonight I’m Getting Over You

just before february ends, let's have a little carly rae jepsen to us, last time her this kiss video rock the whole house down, what should we expect in her tonight i'm getting over you video, is this a sequel or a prequel, we'll never know til we watch it though


Nelly Furtado | Bucket List

we have here a new music video from nelly furtado, she's the one with the big hoops (the bigger the better), and with a soul that neither spirit could destroy "spirit indesctrutible", but cheer's she's have a lot of people to delete on facebook with her "bucket list" music video, nah, was wrong about it, completely, it indicates the bullying compromises, but shows up a relatively different idea, with a ...

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Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love” UK Version

Exquisite, Glamorous... is it Country Dracherkula's Castle?, apparently in this music video version of With Ur Love, we find ourselves lost in a tragic but extraordinary castle where all people fell in love, drinking wine, and feasting til their deaths, so much for melodramtic accent... with one glimpse of an eye, they can maneuver their boys to party for a deep masquerade ball, where demons lurk from behind with such ...

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Hot This Week: 2/03/13

Yeah I know it's a little too late, but we're bringing you some of the hottest music videos and behind the scenes footage of your favorite, bands and artists, including a little bit of a video diary if that's the case, so let's get started with; It's the Wanted, with their latest version of I Found You (Fan Version), their playing for their fans, when it ended, they had been ...

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