Nelly Furtado | Bucket List

we have here a new music video from nelly furtado, she's the one with the big hoops (the bigger the better), and with a soul that neither spirit could destroy "spirit indesctrutible", but cheer's she's have a lot of people to delete on facebook with her "bucket list" music video, nah, was wrong about it, completely, it indicates the bullying compromises, but shows up a relatively different idea, with a ...

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Abi Haus

Today we feature yet of another texas favorite, from the website of it says is Abilene's newest restaurant serving good, simple, honest American food. how scrumptious are they're food, although it's other branches our still under construction, it doesn't matter, because we all of the zone, have a very little sneak peak about it:

Jason Mraz | The Woman I Loved

Well as for Jason Mraz, this would be his latest single for his dayview original album, LOVE is a four letter word, after his last current video 93 Million Miles, and the world foreknown music video of his, I Won't Give Up. well lately he's been up to his sense of ghetto style, so here's a slight recap for the music video itself, it consists of further much facebook tweets and ...

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Could somebody Explain, Why More?!

More because we’re getting bigger and better, but with the lack of active admins, we cannot handle loosing a lot of viewers on our page, so that’s why we’re finding more right?.., we’ve updated our page, as you noticed, with a streampad player for all your music needs, it’s features 3 songs per week, some of the latest or hot tunes, and our hello bar updates, ...

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