I Would (Jason Chen + Cathy Nguyen)

look at a brand new face we have to hear, some way to asian fusionifide this version of justin bieber's, i would, definitely, jason chen has collaborated with cathy nguyen for a music video cover, which setted up lively, and it's amazing to see them both captivate us with thier voices, i guess we're on the right track, baby i was born this way [youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/...

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Tyranny | Awakened

We're starting to wonder, is these factions really necessary, or it is what we think it is, comic chapters, we're also wondering if these zombies are also one of them, it's kind of confusing how many factions are there, but these one may suck your brains out, if you do have one, no offense, it looks like your having a party, and you didn't invite us, ooh scary!, twin zombie ...

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Hot This Week: 2/17/13

We'll we've been late, and we know we are, but here's the hottest music videos this week on the zone project. Marina in the Diamonds are back with part 8 of their album "Electra Heart", which we previously heard her how to be a heartbreaker, which kinda sounds porn, but it's actually a differ meaning about it, today we see her release a new exciting 2 minute music video about her valentines ...

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