Tyranny | Awakened

We're starting to wonder, is these factions really necessary, or it is what we think it is, comic chapters, we're also wondering if these zombies are also one of them, it's kind of confusing how many factions are there, but these one may suck your brains out, if you do have one, no offense, it looks like your having a party, and you didn't invite us, ooh scary!, twin zombie ...

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Olly Murs | Army of Two

Olly Murs, had just released his music video for the Army of Two which includes him in a sort of patrol style copy of himself, gathering one whole army for a reason, that we couldn't know until we've watched his video, apparently the Louis style went out, but i'm glad he appeared in his own sense of style, that's why we collaborate fashion in our website though, I surely hope ...

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The Zone Exclusive | Escape from Planet Earth

Rainmaker Entertainment, the ones who made barbie and Stuart Little films is here on an exciting new adventure, but this time it's with Aliens, their very first film is about to become fulfilled this February 14, or commonly known as Valentine's Day, it turns out that Aliens might not had invaded earth but the got stuck in this familiar land of ours, in an exciting new adventure, trying to escape or ...

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