Tyranny | Seekers

Quiet everyone, i'm sure you are wondering why I have interrupted your studies, Knowledge is not just found in libraries, laboratories and epistolary conspiracies, we forget that sometimes? an ancient obelisk has unearthed my friends. we weren't the first to find this.. It sounds like the Hiearchs did.. Insidous honors, brutes had already beaten us sadly. but we must first colleague in it's enigmatic depths. perhaps others expect gold or ...

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Tyranny | Thieves Guild

Did we missed something? It might be the thieves guild, well apparently the Old Bori's back from Hannah and The Ice Caves, bringing up some catchy effects on the plot of Neopia, It appeared without warning, even we were taken by surprise, my guild got the word directly, See? something fishy is about the next faction, slow thieves are poor thieves after all, looks like Pant Devil isn't the only ...

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Jason Chen ft. ChaChi “Thank You”

The Rubik's Cube is a Puzzle that uses Logic, in this music video Jason Chen uses it's power to control the humanative emotions of our feelings, with deep regards to ChaChi Gonzales, the one that is featured on the music video, the power of art signifies that images of cubism to translate one's gratitude for a person, makes a portrait of self clarification, in his ideal love for her, in ...

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