Thieves Guild

Did we missed something? It might be the thieves guild, well apparently the Old Bori’s back from Hannah and The Ice Caves, bringing up some catchy effects on the plot of Neopia, It appeared without warning, even we were taken by surprise, my guild got the word directly, See? something fishy is about the next faction, slow thieves are poor thieves after all, looks like Pant Devil isn’t the only thief that’s responsible for this, I have no use for the empty handed and arcane artifacts are always trouble, but something is different, the obelisk is different, No one knows what it’s worth said, No one knows where it belongs to, and what it’s for, The Fate of Neopia could be at stake, Everyone will want it, but we’ll get to it first

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Begin Again
Alex Goot | Megan Nicole | Piano Guys – “Begin Again”
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