The Sway

So enigmatic, they might be just a rumour… But to be safe, you should probably stop reading this now. Even the Meepits fear them., the all have the power to manipulate people with neocoins and neocash, but are they well rounded enough to play the right pieces? Dear valued agent of claudestine league, rumours had been brought to my attention of a curious disturbing matter, there is a powerful obelisk with it’s unknown origin, It’s sort of magestic perhaps maybe related to the Asturians and Mimbrate Knights of Arendia from David Edding’s – The Belgariad, that mysteriously appeared over the plains of Tyrannia,  obviously I assumed it to be nonsense, Well quite Lenny your intelegent enough in a grosteque manner, all of these slipped out our watchful gaze. would be absurd, would it be not? Nothing escapes the Sway, Nothing… and yet? Our source was eloquent in his description about the obelisk, The embarrassment should be dealth with immediately with all though respect, p.s don’t be late.

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Thank You
Jason Chen ft. ChaChi “Thank You”
With Ur Love UK
Cher Lloyd “With Ur Love” UK Version