Red Erism

An earthquake has slackened over Neopia, diggers had dug out the best of what they came out to be a mysterious obelisk, no one knows it’s exact power, but it is relequent that neopets had released the factions about the upcoming Tyrannia plot, isn’t that deceiving for Mystery Island since the won last year’s Altador Cup, very well as it is inscribed according to the video: Oh Please, So I mean to make a few changes of the order, the old pointy hats elected me, didn’t they? now we’re going to do things differently, as a matter of fact they did, what just happen to the comics of the previous plots, would neopets do video covers from now on? continuing, neopia is full of dangerous magic, but magic is power and power maybe controlled by those who understand it… not left lying for anyone to stumble upon, It’s like sophie’s voice or the old crooked which from the Faiere’s Ruin speaking, When light first appeared I know what it mean’t, It mean’t power was loose in Neopia, Other’s want to argue with me, but only we have the magic neccessary to control it.  what a Griveous faction coming from the Order,

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Hot This Week: 2/17/13
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