Quiet everyone, i’m sure you are wondering why I have interrupted your studies, Knowledge is not just found in libraries, laboratories and epistolary conspiracies, we forget that sometimes? an ancient obelisk has unearthed my friends. we weren’t the first to find this.. It sounds like the Hiearchs did.. Insidous honors, brutes had already beaten us sadly. but we must first colleague in it’s enigmatic depths. perhaps others expect gold or weapons, I expect better scholar like yourselves, the obelisk predates verifable history.– just think of what we could learn. we cannot ignore this opportunity, I propose an expedition, more of like Cydrorakes Gaze if i’m asking, looks like their might be confusion to the past plots after all, to seize the obelisk, so their planning to tear it apart then? after alone we are not alone in our interest, forces are already moving to seize it, clumsy vandals who do not care for scientific procedure, All of that knowledge could be lost and reduced to rubble. thus it is to stand against them, now who is with me?

In like the matter this would be the last faction against all odds, who will win against the others, who will fight, let’s just see more updates from the Tyrannian Plot of Neopia, soon!

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