We’re starting to wonder, is these factions really necessary, or it is what we think it is, comic chapters, we’re also wondering if these zombies are also one of them, it’s kind of confusing how many factions are there, but these one may suck your brains out, if you do have one, no offense, it looks like your having a party, and you didn’t invite us, ooh scary!, twin zombie wockies rule our genre,that wasn’t very nice of you, so we’re sending invatations of our own, cool, looks like the Guardians of the West by David Eddings, oh well I mean’t was maybe their the guardians of the obelisk, childish isn’t it? party frocks and noise makers required, something has to do fighting all the factions for the next plot but not joining them, we’re still waiting an update from Neopia though, after all what good is a party, without the Awakened?, Now they’re occupying the Tale of The Woe, what a total plot conversion.. what’s next Maraquan Soldiers?… this is going to be so much fun, we heard there’s cake inside the obelisk, all of our friends have been bored lately, zombies and ghosts from Haunted Woods, they’re just dying to attend, they’re coming from all over to liven things up, we’d tell them to bring their own brains,  the last part of the clip gave me a little heart attack, but what fun would it be?

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