The Woman I Love

Well as for Jason Mraz, this would be his latest single for his dayview original album, LOVE is a four letter word, after his last current video 93 Million Miles, and the world foreknown music video of his, I Won’t Give Up. well lately he’s been up to his sense of ghetto style, so here’s a slight recap for the music video itself, it consists of further much facebook tweets and twitter feeds, that conceptualize the sexiness to be overwhelmed, although it describes his type of woman that he did loved, but went into a catastrophe, all of these will be seen the music video down below:

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  • Aina Yanzon Tolero

    Di ko man lang napansin me ganitong kanta pala si Jason Mraz. Para lang akong tanga -_-

  • RoboMunchkin

    shh.. don’t call your stupid, it’s not worth it.. you know the world shines better with you..

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