February 17th Hot This Week

We’ll we’ve been late, and we know we are, but here’s the hottest music videos this week on the zone project.

Marina in the Diamonds are back with part 8 of their album “Electra Heart”, which we previously heard her how to be a heartbreaker, which kinda sounds porn, but it’s actually a differ meaning about it, today we see her release a new exciting 2 minute music video about her valentines gift (late), for us all, it’s still february isn’t it?

We’ve been waiting these for weeks now, Tyler Ward shows up with another comment song entitled Most Embarassing Moment, we see Sam Tsui and Dave Days are in a house party, but rap is fortunately not his type, so he requests us yet another comprimision of his upcoming comment song next week, so stick til the end of the video would we?

Lastly, the Harlem Shake was a widespread hit, it maybe not as far as Gangnam Style went through, but fortunately our featured artists here on the song had did it, Tyler Ward, One Direction and many more other bands, including these next update from Kurt Hugo Schneider, on the subway:


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