We’re now introducing Hot This Week, our weekly round up of the most amazing music videos of the week, starting this January 13, we feature three newest videos, starting with

Sam Tsui teams up with Kurt Hugo Schneider they’ve been working on his day view album, Kurt announces his second channel too, Sam Tsui sings Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia

Twenty One Pilots is at it again, they’re Holding on To You video was a huge success, and it’s like a spiderman theme song too, but we’re here to announce that their second single from their day view orignal album Vessel is here, Guns for Hands is here.

And Lastly, One Direction is back this January with their New Single Kiss You, it features them in a photoshoot more of a like in an Elvis Presley in Hawaii, and some Motorcycling Incidents. and the one in Prison, well we don’t wanna give more spoilers, just watch the video

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