This week, the girls are going to be Couture Mermaids, Michael Cinco a Filipino Designer, with the most exquisite style of fashion, designed clothes that the girls will be wearing underwater, the girls had the faintest idea on what’s going on, although two of the models, somehow had a risk of fear being underwater, so here’s the snitch:


Being afraid of water, Aastha gave confidence and determination to get herself out of the abyss, with the excellent wits and glamour gestures she did, that gave a very nice output on her profile.

Stephanie, who has all the more reasons not to sink, but kept on doubting herself, made it possible to create this stunning profile, just because she drowned about a year ago, she would let herself fall out of grace.

The girl who had been lucky, Sofia. managed to made her comeback, after last week’s crucial panel, Nadya doubted that it was another lucky shot, but I disagree, she made her best, and it’s wouldn’t be enough to send her home this week.

Jessica had shown, she was a force to be reckoned with, claiming her third best photo in a row, was exactly unessential, she gave her focus and attention that has been easily rewarded.

Kate though made it a very sexy yet, confusing shot, she wasn’t a mermaid in this shot, but I doubt it, she’s more like a sorcerer controlling the waves of the ocean, it’s classy but it comes up with a story.

Oh Helena, your confidence brought you into a sweet nightmare, you’ll be proving them that their unworthy that they kicked you off the competition, she had given a best picture of rather a medusa than a couture mermaid, It was suprisingly unique, but she was so caught up with the photoshoot, that she didn’t fully understand the theme. so she was sent home, and Stephanie was saved.

Note to Helena:

You will be great without the competion, although it was your dream that was crushed, make sure they will regret voting you off the contest, but keep shining like a bright diamond, and soon you’ll reach out to be a really known model all over the world.. xx – munchkinrb


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