If only this was a photoshoot, Helena could had stayed, by winning the challenge itself, she claimed her prize, who is most likely troublesome, with that limited edition perfume, that only brand, it made her a star, and a shining one. although I brought you these videos today to most likely to complete your very blue monday, you might wanna enjoy Aastha as a Pilot, or Stephanie as a Danzel in Distress, or Jessica a cosplayer, nope she is really a bar dancer this week, but she’s great in copying things I pressumed, Helena as a deep madly spokesperson, and Sofia as something she couldn’t hope for. and Kate as a very much indeed a musketeer. let’s have a look on their videos shall we?

Playboy Press to Play – Aastha

Playboy Press to Play – Sofia

Playboy Press to Play – Jessica

Playboy Press to Play – Kate

Playboy Press to Play – Helena

Playboy Press to Play – Stephanie

I pressumed that you had fun watching all these videos, you might well stop by this thursday for another upwhelming photoshoot review only by the zone project.

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