There is no guest judge for this week panel. The judges are Nadya, Todd, Daniel and Joey.

Kate feels that she is unworthy, and her photoshoot is not good, she laughs when she sees herself called out, the second, and beyond it she is truly the creature of the night, and the queen of the carnival, Nadya thinks it isn’t a lucky shot, but indeed a great shot, and the dress looks amazing on her, although she tried to be Sofia and tumbled down the stairs, but Daniel asks her to be herself,

Aastha gives a gorgeous looking face in Nadya’s opinion, eventually she placed third this week, although Todd asks her to do something different and not force him to repeat the same comment that he gave her three weeks ago, Joey feels that she is losing her energy quite harmoniously, but Daniel still believes in her inspite all the effort she gave.
Helena looks like a ballerina, and inspite of all her effort to revive from the catastrophe last week, she got away being on the bottom two, Todd thinks that she needs to give a range of look, while Nadya feels that her fun feeling shows in her face, although Daniel feels joy to watch her photoshoot
Sofia gives the most impressive dress movements, although Joey discourages, it and she looks like an angry bird in this lucky shot, Daniel does not even agree with Joey, he feels that dress is made for Sofia,
Stephanie looks like a bit faltered in her situation, she didn’t feel even the intense of the night, even Daniel says that this photo is lucky of lucky shots, Todd thinks that it is a complete train wreck, and Joey says she need to get out of her own box
Nadya’s Call Out:
Nadya looks at Jessica and tells her she is a gorgeous glamour queen, and her shot is praised by Daniel apparently, it can be a campaign shot for the dress, Joey loves it she looks like a phoenix in that shot, but she needs to control her flames, and eventually for me she deserves it, two weeks in a row though, will she give space to others?
The Bottom 2:
  • Sofia – as for her, she really raised her arms too much, and her armpits have been seen, Daniel says that over and over again not to repeat the poses, 
  • Stephanie – she feels a bit more flattered, and weak during the night, she gave her very best effort to do with the dress, come to think of it, she forgot to think, to spin the dress around.
the comparison between Stephanie and Sofia, is their shots are both lucky, although Nadya gives them another set of chances, well it’s the second time Stephanie got lucky.
Next Week :  Kate and Jessica unleash their frustation on the set, by jumping into the pool! Toughest Challenge is a major acting but I kinda like that one as a photoshoot, and the big reveal, will Aastha get sent home? just because of the cold underwater photoshoot?
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