to be closer to his band, The Entrance BandDerek James moved from Los Angeles, to Chicago. this Laurel Canyon home has been house for several of years, eventually he overstayed his residence, with his room mates, who all bonded with music, (he totally bunked the rooms of the house), and eventually he bought the home, and Kristin Korven decided to make it more of a family house, a home actually

Kristin a freelance designer, worked with a number of firms, before deciding to go out on her own, The couple embarked on a slow renovation to make the space theirs, and creating  this perfect cozy cabin in the middle of Los Angeles, became even more of a family home, when Kristin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy,

to see more of the pictures, and more detail about the Laurel Canyon home that Kristin Coven designed click here.

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