ANTM – Playboy Press to Play Challenge

If only this was a photoshoot, Helena could had stayed, by winning the challenge itself, she claimed her prize, who is most likely troublesome, with that limited edition perfume, that only brand, it made her a star, and a shining one. although I brought you these videos today to most likely to complete your very blue monday, you might wanna enjoy Aastha as a Pilot, or Stephanie as a Danzel ...

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Hot This Week 1/27/13

Looks like the fire between Tyler and Lindsay is starting to burst, meanwhile with Chester See, or the cat I must say, still on their second collaboration video, with both Tyler Ward and Lindsay Sterling, in this new music video Daylight by Maroon 5, they did a pretty awesome cover though;

Meanwhile, Cimorelli goes out a day on a beach, covering up ...

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The Outer Child

Somewhere inside of us, there's a very instinctive young core, an innocent and naive one, that slips between the ugliness of life, which inscribes a little controversy over this little thing, we'll be showing you today, The Outer Child (L' Enfant Exterieur), a world in the shape of children, in the face of men, it shows a very significant way, how people have been less serious in the inside, rather ...

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ANTM – SInk or Swim?

This week, the girls are going to be Couture Mermaids, Michael Cinco a Filipino Designer, with the most exquisite style of fashion, designed clothes that the girls will be wearing underwater, the girls had the faintest idea on what's going on, although two of the models, somehow had a risk of fear being underwater, so here's the snitch:   Being afraid of water, Aastha gave confidence and determination to get ...

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