As a good news,  we now have our pinterest account  which I would update sooner or later, to catch some people to get into our site and our fanpage, but shortly, we need admins to our facebook page, we need Content Creators (2) to do the job part time, if they have some time, but be sure they have been dedicated to it, if not your out!, another one is a Moderator the one who blocks annoying people from the page, and the one who deletes unecessary posts, such as repeating posts, obsecene posts, and other stuff, we should be really focusing on our Music, that’s the page is for, not be overcontrolled by the sub-categories, and another one is a Manager who takes desperately his/her time, with us, dedicated, to our success, and etc. we need those people on our facebook page, hope we can find someone, or somebody, so we can upgrade more.

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