It’s been like a week or so, since the premiere of the rise of the guardians, which apparently i’ve just watched yesterday, the film starts during the rebirth of jack frost , he is then called upon by the man at the moon, to become something, 300 years later, north and the others have been alerted by the comeback of pitch, the boogeyman of course, the guardians then summoned jack frost to santa’s realm to get help, because the man of the moon said so, and the film continues to tooth’s realm, the tooth kingdom, where pitch attacks, and gets all the tooth, and fairies inside the kingdom, tooth’s realm collapses, and she tells jack, that teeth has memories, that’s why they know everyone’s past, jack inspired, and try’s totooth’s realm collapses, and she tells jack, that teeth has memories, that’s why they know everyone’s past, jack inspired, and try’s to collect the teeth to prevent the destroyment of the kingdom,sandy then in the middle of the collection, wakes up a kid, jamie the one who believes in them all, tries to put him asleep, instead he did put them all asleep including north, tooth, and bunnymund…  although jack sees pitch again, he then asks sandy for help, during the fight, sandy uses himself as a decoy to stop the shadows from killing everyone but he is penetrated with the shadows, causing him to get contaminated, that way sandy gets nightmares and fades, making jack, north, tooth, and bunnymund and escape, the next one is when pitch tries to destroy bunnymund’s realm, easter island, although there’s jamie’s little sister who used santa’s snowball to get in, jack volunteer’s to drive the girl back to her home, so that way pitch uses a decoy and lures jack into his realm, to manipulate him, and give him his tooth, although that caused loosing bunnymund’s realm, people don’t believe on the easter bunny anymore, that causes bunnymund to shrink into a unfortunate size, lastly, pitch destroy’s north’s realm, the pole, when all hope’s last, the final light was jamie, he would stop believing although if jack didn’t made a way to make him believe in bunnymund, bunnymund will collapse. making him believe in bunnymund, also made a way to make the kids believe in him, during the final battle, they all invite kids, sandy is ressurected by jamie’s belief, santa’s toy’s attack, and fairies unleash, pitch was defeated, and pitch tries to run a way, then sandy kick’s his butt, and pitch’s worst nightmare was his own, well fortunate enough, jack is considered a guardian, and the story ends by all of them leaving back to their own realms..


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