18  today’s post is about my dad’s site , it was suppose to be yesterday but I was too busy remodeling the site, due to some ugly reviews , but i won’t  change it  til further next year  , but i will update it, that’s all, we added new features to the site, and made it much much more effective, rather than the fact we added the rating button, and others, we made it more a magazine type, and we added new features to it, forgot what i’m saying to continue, but I came here to buzz about ya my dad, is my bestfriend though, he needs help for more finances , so we could pay some of our tuition fee off, and i could guarantee and help him, so this winter yobestbuy (a yoville store), will be having their discounts and if you yoville players, could buy stuff over the site? okay?! and now i’m leaving you off with lenka, hope you enjoy..


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