A Merry Christmas – One Direction

One direction, this christmas suprised their fans with a very special christmas greeting, oh well, that golden ticket was actually not wasted though, uhmm, summing it up, their kiss you realease is nearly further than expected, january 7th is a long date, and i'll be here blogging around stuff so much, like i'd rather anticipated, here go watch the video below

A Real Life Hobbit Home

If your a huge Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit fan, you might wanna see this?. there can only be one place that’s ideal to store your huge collection of all things J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo Baggin’s house. Indeed, one super fan who had been traveling and collecting Tolkien memorabilia for the past 30 years of traveling built himself a hobbit house so he has somewhere private to ...

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Will Smith’s Malibu Home

The Smith's Adobe Styled Home, designed by Stephen Samuelson with architect Harry Perez-Daple; the interiors are by Judith Lance. The living room includes a 1930s copper lantern from Downtown, a pair of ’60s Brazilian rosewood chairs (at left) from Noho Modern, and custom-made lounge seating (at right) upholstered in a Rose Tarlow leather. The wing chairs flanking the mantel are covered in kilims and leather, and the beige silk area ...

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Alice Pasquini – an impressionist

Today's spotlight, is about the artist Alice Pasquini, principally a visual artist, works as an illustrator, set designer and painter. on her daily basis Rome, She has collaborated on illustration, graphic and design projects, including the graphic novel "Vertigine ed Rizzoli",  "I create art about people and their relationships, I'm interested in  representing human feelings and exploring different points of view. I especially like to depict strong and independant women" ...

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