The book was just amazing to me, I had fun reading it.. the always angry Aunt Pol i liked her attitude in the story reminds me of those girls who I been friends with, and i’m pretty comfortable talking to those girls, Mister Wolf her father is another one I liked, his role was awesome, and a storyteller, at faldor’s farm which the story first started even though not much in tucked with Garion overcoming the fact that there is a world out faldor’s farm, and the dangers of the world out there, learning sorcery would be probably at the end of the book which his dry voice talks to him although it is later revealed it his Late Grandfather, and Aunt Pol his Late Grandmother, Durnik a blacksmith goodman there, made it possible to be one of my favorites which he does great things, as a sendar, who just been outwitted and came the long and heavy journey to protect Aunt Pol and Garion, he’s also my favorite, even though he is just a side character, that reminds me of Silk which is a drasnian who is a spy and an acrobat commonly known as Prince Kheldar of Drasnia, who have some love interest to Queen Poren, that fact that he has many aliases, well i like him for those traits of him, he is more like a a small human and obviously the Giant Barak  who had married his childhood love Merel, have some induscissions so he keeps escaping Cherek, made me shocked by his role.. and Hettar is said to be accompanying them at book 2 since Cho Hag his father attasked him to, upcoming reviews are coming soon so better watch out, the story was only a bit part more complex, but it features Sendaria and Cherek, not most likely, but it’s fun you’ve gotta read the book even it’s 30 years old, and i been already starting book 2, already hoping for it to finish, yeah, see ya soon… i’m leaving with a fan art so you could see them

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