The video, originally posted by Facebook user Gregory Paulo Llamoso, showed Amalayer making a scene at the LRT station allegedly after the guard called her attention for using the wrong entrance.

Salvosa was caught saying, “So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar? Answer me!

I am the person who have been educated well. and you did that thing to me!. I’m just returning the favor!

“How did you questioned me, You said it yourself, and you said hey Girl what’s your problem anyway? Oh my God, she’s a liar. Oh my God, you’re a freaking liar, miss,” she continued.MANILA, Philippines — A viral video of a woman raising her voice at a lady security guard inside the LRT 2- Santolan station has created a new buzzword: “Amalayer.”, she recently joined myx vj search during this summer. “Paula Jaime Salvosa”, called by netizens as “AMALAYER Girl,”
Just hours after the controversial video went viral on social networking sites, the hashtag “#amalayer” and the word “LRT” both trended nationwide on micro-blogging site Twitter… if you want to watch her video it’s here:



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